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 About Us


 • I began sewing at age 4 with my grandmother, in her totally decked out, converted, 3-car garage. Best memories ever!

• I made my first quilt at the age of 11 for the arrival of my little brother. It didn’t help, he's still weird.

• My art work first appeared in an Austin museum when I was in Kindergarten. My teacher, Mrs. Garcia thought I had exceptional talent after drawing a portrait of her. That was my last one, you only need one Mona Lisa to become famous, right?

• In High School, I was always getting trouble for doodling on the papers I turned in. Yet I was the outstanding art student… I rest my case!

• I love arts and crafts, and have done almost everything I want to except stained glass.

• I began quilting full-time after I saw that making wedding dresses was not going to work with babies crawling around on the floor. Quilting is my first love. Once I started doing that, I gave away every other crafting thing I owned.

• I used my car as collateral for my first loan to buy my first APQS Millennium in 2004.  Since then, the most I have owned at one time is seven. Best feeling ever!

• Today my business is my saving grace. Teaching, selling, servicing and sharing my love for quilting is what makes me smile.

 I just need more time to play with all my quilting friends…What a great life!

• I am thankful for the opportunity to do what I love!

• I love quilting and the many joys it brings to my life.

• I love the people I get to know as a result of my quilting.

• I love sharing my passion with so many sweet, wonderful people.

• I love love LOVE what I do!


  • 940-600-7655
  • 701 S. Stemmons Fwy, #90
  • Lewisville, TX  75067