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Quilt Top Preparation

1. Press the quilt top well; make sure that all the seams are pressed flat

2. Trim all trailing threads; trailing threads can become "varicose veins" after your top is quilted

3. Keep backing and top separate; do not baste or pin

4. Stitch around the outside perimeter immediately after piecing is completed to prevent stretching of fabrics on the edge of the quilt


Quilt Back Preparation

1. Choose to use 100% cotton for the back of your 100% cotton quilt top

2. Remove all selvages from inner seams to prevent puckering

3. Please cut your backing and batting at least 6" larger than your top on all sides

4. When seaming back, cut two pieces of fabric the same size and pin before sewing together to avoid stretching

5. Use a wide seam (1/2” or larger) and press well (the seam should be pressed to one side)

6. If your back has a top and bottom, please mark the top with a piece of paper attached with a safety pin



Please be sure to attach your borders properly. Make your quilt fit the borders, instead of your borders fitting the quilt. Measure for your borders through the center of your quilt in 3 places and cut your borders to match these lengths. Take the average if they are not the same measurement. Then mark both the border strip and the quilt edge in eighths. Match the marks and ease the quilt into the borders. Remember to stay-stitch the last border when possible to prevent any further stretching from handling.



Edge to Edge All Over Design                        .025 per square inch                            (Minimum Charge $50)
Computerized Quilt Path Design starts at       .03 per square inch                              (Minimum Charge $50)
Custom Designs                                              .06 per square inch                              (Minimum Charge $50)


Other Fees

Thread Charge                                               $   5.00 Regular thread 
                                                                       $ 12.00 Specialty thread

Seaming back                                                $ 10.00 per seam

Binding                                                           $     .30 per linear inch by machine (straight of grain)
                                                                       $     .50 per linear inch by machine (bias)
                                                                       $   1.00 per linear inch by hand


Additional time spent pressing, major thread trimming, squaring back and dealing with other time-consuming issues will be charged $35.00 per hour

A 25% fee will apply for Rush orders


May be supplied by you or, preferably, purchased from APQS Texas.  Batting prices are:

  – charges per yard:

Price per yard:
Hobbs 80/20 96” wide       $9.50
Hobbs 80/20 120” wide   $11.50
       Hobbs 100% cotton 96” wide   $11.50
       Hobbs 80/20 white 108” wide   $10.50
Hobbs 80/20 black 108” wide  $10.50
             Hobbs 80/20 cotton/wool 96” wide  $14.50
   Hobbs 100% wool 96" wide   $20.50 

***Please note: batting prices have changed effective 6/1/2019***
(Prices subject to change at any time)


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